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Handcrafted Lapel Pins

Handcrafted is a word you hear often. It's overused. But the thing is, our lapel pins are truly handcrafted. Jim (the artist, co-owner, father and grandfather at LapelPinPlanet) designs each and every pin. With Lynn (Jim's wife), Nico and Nyssa (their daughters), as well as help from our grandchildren (Juliette, Harrison, Burton and Broden), you could actually say the lapel pins you buy from us are family-crafted.

Custom Pins

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LapelPinPlanet provides top-quality accessories at a low price – all made by Jim Clift. Jim is detail-oriented, ambitious, and determined to produce the best possible accessory for you. While we mainly offer lapel pins, Jim Clift also crafts push pins and compasses that make excellent gifts for your business, charity, or organization. As we create products, we are also using materials that help to support other businesses as well as the environment. We never want to waste material, so we recycle it in addition to using sustainable energy in our Rhode Island studio.

You can view additional ordering info to aid in your selection. LapelPinPlanet looks forward to assisting you, and we hope you enjoy our inventory of gorgeous pewter accessories.