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“So much of who we are, is where we have been.”

― William Langewiesche

As Ann Beattie said, “People forget years and remember moments.”

Remember your moments beautifully with our handcrafted map and push pins. You want your map to be as unique as your adventures, and you want them to tell your story, enhancing your memories, and allowing you to relive great times. Whether you’re tracking past adventures, plotting new ones, or simply upping your Risk board game skills and strategizing for world domination, you can get creative with pins. That’s why we have map pins for many different adventures. 

 Mark your map with our hand cast pewter pins in many different activities and remember what excursions you did where. We have hiking boots so you can map the trail at the National Park you just visited, grapes so you can pinpoint that winery tour you just came back from, and airplanes to show your jet-setting adventures. With multiple finishes you can mark past adventures, or use them to plan your dream travel plans.  

Our map pins are the perfect way to display your life's adventures and inspire new goals.  

Spend time with your family or friends by pinning your future destinations together. With different finishes to choose from, our map pins and push pins can fit beautifully into your décor and make your map a masterpiece!

Displaying past adventures in a beautiful way on a map can personalize your décor.

but you don’t need to limit yourself to trips you’ve already taken. You can use map push pins to plan future travels as well. The map pins can help you visualize a route, and help you plan what you’d like to do where. For instance, if you're thinking about doing a USA road trip, use the pins to mark the exact route you plan on taking. By doing this you'll be able to visualize the distances between each location and you can arrange your trip accordingly. Our ring map pins are made with this specifically in mind. The small ring on the top allows you to thread string between your points.

Our map pins and push pins are hand cast in solid, lead-free pewter.

They are then finished in your choice of gold or silver, and in some designs, they are also available in copper. This allows you to mark your adventures, your partners adventures, and adventures you’ve experienced together. All map pins come in a set of 10, and they arrive in an attractive tin, making them a great gift.

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